How do i get IFSC Code for HDFC Bank?

If you have opened an account with HDFC bank but you dont know the IFSC code of your bank. IFSC code is a 11 digit code used to interbank electronic clearing in India.
It will be in the format of HDFC0000XXX for your HDFC account.
If you are opening account in paypal or to receive payments through online banking from somebody, you will need it and let the sender know your account number and the IFSC code.
Here are the 4 ways to find out your HDFC bank IFSC code….
1. Open our checkbook and if you notice in the cheque leaves you will find on the bottom left something like IFSC code /RTGS like HDFC000XXXX. That is called IFSC code.
2. RBI has published a huge list of IFSC codes of almost all banks in India, including HDFC bank branches and you can download here (excel format). Refer to it and see whether the IFSC code of your bank is listed. Visit the RBI websitefor more information
3. Visit the HDFC bank website and search for IFSC codes branchwise or call the customer service of the HDFC bank and ask them what is the IFSC code of your bank where you opened the account.
Another short trick
4. If you have HDFC account starting in XXX then most probabably the IFSC code will be ending with those XXX. For example if your account number starts with 7644 then in most cases the IFSC code would be like HDFC0007644. Having said that you should not rely on this trick as this may be inaccurate sometimes, if the bank decides to change the IFSC code and you wouldnt know.
Follow the steps (1) and (3) to determine the IFSC code of your HDFC bank.

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Disclaimer: The information i posted above is just for educational purpose only and may NOT be inaccurate. Always consult your bank officer and confirm with your bank regarding the IFSC code. If you quote wrong code, your incoming payment will be rejected or sometimes reversed.